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Robertson Smith Ledgister & Co is focused on delivering high-quality legal services, client care and commercial assistance to individuals and business organisations. We provide legal services such as real estate, mortgages, personal injury, companies & business registration, company law, civil & criminal matters, wills & estates, divorce & family developments. We offer the right information, advice and referrals, and help in conflict negotiations and resolutions.

Let’s learn in detail about our legal services:

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Wills & Estates

We make sure that your assets are well protected. Our team provides reliable services for wills and estates. Our will dispute and estate litigation lawyers are competent, skilled and experienced enough to represent you successfully. We promise to take your case seriously and give you the best legal advice. Our lawyers have acted efficiently in hundreds of estate planning, disputes and administration cases.

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Divorce & Family

Our lawyers are well-versed in the family law and understand how complex these matters can get. We assist you in related matters efficiently and quickly. We are a compassionate team of individuals who acknowledges each of our clients’ needs. We help you explore your options and support you in reaching a conclusion. You can count on us for child custody, support, alimony and marital property. Our experts’ advice is the most trusted advice in Jamaica.

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Company Law

Our qualified team consists of dedicated legal experts who provide high-quality corporate legal services. Our efficient services help you let go of the legal bug. We totally understand the legal and commercial pressures faced by the organisations today and deliver proactive services to help our customers deal with those pressures. We handle the complete process for you and deliver the right advice.

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Real Estate

Whether you are planning to purchase or have already bought a real estate property, it is crucial to consult a real estate lawyer to protect yourself from unforeseen liabilities attached to the property. Our areas of focus include purchase and sale of a residence, mortgages, construction disputes, land use laws, commercial real estate, title and boundary disputes & more. We are real estate lawyers that get real results for our clients.

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